Figma Tutorial: Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi (Rise Church Homepage)

In this tutorial, I walkthrough my design process in Figma to create a church website concept that's loosely based on a client project.

Good evening,

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend - today I spent most of my Tuesday coordinating new project timelines and getting briefs ready for the team and myself to start working!

Today I also recorded a new tutorial for you. It’s a little long (it’s a little late, I know and I’m getting these internet issues sorted this week) but I got to keep my promises nonetheless. In today’s video we’ll walkthrough a complete build in Figma plus a short tutorial pointing out what tool does what - to get you accustomed to the platform. We’ll be doing a rough draft of the layout, then we go straight into the Hi-Fi design with images, fonts, and a more polished look that’s client ready.

In the near future, I’ll also be making a video about where I pick up design inspiration when I’m stuck creatively and how I source fonts. Web design for me is all about creative exploration while applying the basic user experience principles.

The links are below for you to enjoy - go at your own pace and have some fun with it!

Figma Tutorial: Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi 👇🏽

Project Assets & Creative Brief (Rise Church Design)

YouTube Video Link 💻

Talk soon,