Finding Better Clients

Aligning on shared values, the new way I'm finding the clients and partners that value our work.

Good afternoon,

How’s your Tuesday been so far? I hope all is smooth with you and you took a few hours of time out to yourself before you started your day. Honestly that’s been such a game changer for me, controlling my day and not letting my day control me. Speaking of, here’s a quick To-Do List template you can duplicate in Notion to keep important tasks at the top of your mind.

To-Do List Notion Template

Avoiding Bad Jobs

You know those jobs that pay less, and don’t fulfill you? Those ones where the client ends up being demanding, or those leads where they’ll try to lowball you. Yea, those jobs. Let’s talk about avoiding those at all costs.

I get asked “how do I get clients?” every once in a while, and I think the answer is much more layered that the usual advice such as - post on social media 5 times a day and build a community on every platform. I think that’s a lot just to build a few important relationships, which is what you’ll end up doing anyway. Creating content feels like a job I don’t like, and these days and I rather not try to keep up with it.

Speaking of jobs, I don’t like, I worked at Taco Bell (aka Taco Hell) as my first job. Those cinnamon twist look like macaroni until you throw them in hot ass oil btw.

Anyway - I keep my life simple, I see a brand with a mission I want to support and reach out. Usually these are B2B brands like agencies, software companies, and really anything wrapped in tech. I aim to be collaborative partners, but we enter business because we share the same values centered around doing good work in food, environmental, and social sectors.

Dig Deeper

Not everything is for everyone - that’s a good thing.

This is how I beat “saturation” because if I just told you “Yea man I build websites” you’re going to look at me and say so? I know 5 other guys who do that too, and for way less. If I told you “Yea man I design for companies creating ethical ecosystems online” You just might be a little more interested, unless you’re an a**hole (jk) and look that’s the reality, not everything is for everyone - that’s a good thing.

The reality is, it’s tough to compete on talent, it’s everywhere and can be found for $10 an hour. Move from this mindset, into a more collaborative asset to people you’d like to work with. You’ll be treated as an advisor more so than an “ask how much they can do this for” type of business.

Do this, I promise it’s a game changer - look at the image below and look at your offer. Is your offer presented how it’s presented on the left or right? The left is more functional, the right is more emotional. Once you flip your approach to the right your business will eventually turn into a brand, everything you do from the internal processes to the external offer transforms into an emotion generator.

Doing The Good Work

For me this even changed how I run my business, I give my international team the same pay as the team in the U.S. because I believe it’s unethical to hire people under $25 an hour. I’ve been donating to inner city arts programs, I made a commitment to planting trees all around the world per month. All of this because I found my position and I’m committing to doing the good work inside and out and building a place where good values exist.

Wrap up

So, how do we avoid bad jobs? by finding a position to stand on, understanding the needs of the people in the same position and going out there to show up every day you can. That’s one good way.

I hope you found some value in this. If you have a question, or just liked this write-up leave a comment below because it’s the only way I know if you like this content or not!

Appreciate your time, talk soon.