Mar 11, 2022 • 20M

"Keeping The Lights On"

The ideas & values that built a brand from $0 to $200K

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Dexter Washington
Building and running a creative business and how to make impact work while doing so
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Hey everyone,

Hopefully you don’t mind me doing a podcast style newsletter today. I’ve been exhausted this week and everytime I try to write I’ve been running into a writer’s block so I figured me just saying what I’m thinking would be smoother.

With retainers signed this week, we celebrate a $200K milestone. It’s been almost a full yr since Crafted was born (by the end of this month lol) and I figured I’d share a few of the ideas and values that has allowed me to create this brand in a way that works for me. I took my own route, did things that felt right and so far so good. I might as well share this with you today.

Thank you for your encouragement and interest in this stage of my life, it means a lot to me and it's been a journey reshaping how I picture my future. I'm grateful for you and because I am I want to share how I "kept the lights on" and how I continue to as we celebrate this milestone -- also my first full year as a founder / entrepreneur.

What I cover in this mini podcast:

  • Scaling The Partnership Model

  • Building a strong brand from creating your own lane

  • Going the opposite of the popular beliefs

  • A bit of my backstory and how that has shaped the brand

I won’t always do an audio version unless you like this one, but today I was too damn tired to write lmao so the next will be written per usual. Hope you enjoy it, looking forward to your thoughts.

Much Love,