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Hey everyone,

You can expect this newsletter to cover all things web design + Webflow development once every week. The sole focus is the creation of better Webflow websites, with some added insight about running a web design agency / business.

I picked up this idea when I noticed the amount of questions I get centered around these topics. I do want to create a YouTube channel since I know most tutorials are going to have to be via video but in the meantime I’d figure I’d get to know you guys a bit before I do. That way I can give you the videos & information you actually want instead of a bunch of fluff you don’t.

Just learning about me today? If so, welcome - my name is Dexter & I run a remote web design studio for impact-focused companies (going under rebrand soon craftedstudios.co) since our launch March 2021 we’ve worked with dope teams. Some of our clients are featured in Fortune 500, British Bank Awards, Grow With Google, and most recently - we’re building Webflow things for an airline which is pretty wild to me.

All of this, from my home in Los Angeles, CA. I’m telling you, the internet is really something else. The team is international with 3 of us here in the U.S. and the other 2 are in Nigeria & Serbia - we’re all freelancers that bring creativity and smarts to the table in our own right. Despite all that, it’s a young company and has a lot to learn and I’ve made some mistakes along the way as expected.

Before this I was working at a marketing agency in the midst of the pandemic. It was a very toxic place to be, it was so bad that everyone including the co-founder had “sessions” . What the hell is that right? That’s what I said too, then I found out that was code for going on a private call to vent about what the founder did that day to have them on the brink of quitting (again).

I couldn’t believe that someone would take advantage of those in need of a job during that lockdown period the way that they did. I said some words and got out of there as quickly as possible, ironically enough it pushed me to work on becoming a great leader and put people before anything else. Now, I run my web design business full-time.

Anyway, back to you - the cool thing about Substack is that we get a comment section. So, let me know your thoughts below. What are the challenges you face when it comes to the business of web design or leveling up your Webflow skills? Feel free to get detailed! Lastly if you haven’t yet, check out this free Notion resource hub for WF designers here

Talk soon.